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Low cost camping supplies, Do more of what you love!

Camping Checklist World is a place were you can get your camping questions answered. What should I take on a camping trip? What should I wear while hiking? Whats the best tent and sleeping bag for summer camping? We aim to answer your questions as well as provide a small store that sell a number overstocked camping suppliers at low cost.

As well as are low priced overstocked camping store we try to give away at least one product a month from our supplies all you pay is post and packing but they are limited stock so when there gone there gone!

Get Free Camping Gear

Get surplus and overstock camping products (all you pay is P&P) Worldwide shipping!

Camping Blog

Expert camping advice and in-depth product reviews and testing for unforgettable trips in nature

Avoid a Camping Disaster

Take a look at our camping guides, product reviews and full camping checklist PDF

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