GRDE Super Bright Head Torch Product Review

Welcome to the GRDE Super Bright Head Torch Product Review before we get into our option let’s take a look at what the product is and claims to do.

1. Ultra bright headlight, brightness up to 1800 lumens, the best gear for hunting, fishing, walking etc
2. Smart 3-mode Dimmable Switch: Press button switch to High Beam, Low Beam, and Strobe Light.
3. 2015 latest version, more efficient circuit, higher output, waterproof zoomable angle adjustable design.
4. Zoom Technology: Adjusting zoom ring out to focus far away and into zoom for large lighting area.
5. Easy to adjust & place on head, make life easier and safer, great gift for elder too!

So what did we think of the GRDE super bright head torch?

GRDE Super Bright

Don’t look into it as you turn it on!

The Headlamp torch is made of cast aluminum with an elasticated adjustable headband which caters to even those with unusually large heads. We tried the headlamp on a number of different willing and unwilling subjects and found no complaints with the fit of this headlamp.

It has a LED T6 bulb that powerfully lights up the area around you, just don’t look into it as you turn it on. We made this mistake, however, the only saving grace is that we had cheap Poundland betties that were half dead anyway. We replaced these with our long-lasting bunny batteries and saw a huge improvement.


Head Torch Product ReviewOne thing that can be said about this head touch is that it is bright! Again another warning if you have this thing on your head and you are average height or below average and have to look up at people make sure the setting is on low or you are going to annoy a lot of taller people.

The lights lens is anti-shattering proof, scratch proof and durable for activities including hunting, fishing, and camping. We are planning to test this out more in the coming months but at first glance, we were not too happy with the quality the battery pack it was very flimsy and we felt it could easily break. We checked around some other review sites and found that our concern was warranted with numerous reports of breaking battery pack and clips. So be warned.

It includes a switch on the hand band that has three modes of light high, low and strobe (for all your camping disco needs). If anyone could comment or explain why there is a disco setting on headlamps, it would be much appreciated. I guess it’s there for emergency response to see but I guess a huge beam of light would do a good job.

The light also includes a fancy zoom that we had a play around with. We were excited about this feature, sad I know but we were disappointed. I took us quite a bit of time to find the feature and work it out…. in the dark. I personally wouldn’t call it a zoom its more of a slight focus. Speaking for myself, if you need a headlamp which allows you to focus a beam of light without it bleeding around you then I would give this one a miss.

It claims to have a life span of 100,000 hours, we did not fully test this aspect. Please let us know if you have. Also, attach how and why you have so much time to spare.

It is powered by three AA batteries that are not included. The type of and charge of the battery has a big effect on the camping headlamp so just be aware of this. Using the ones laying around the office lit up the room but when we put our supper batteries it was a huge amount brighter.

Its weight without the three batteries was about 150g which was fine for wearing it all day in the office even though we did look a bit stupid answering the door with a headlamp on in the middle of the day. Adding the three batteries does make it a bit weightier but nothing unbearable.

So, our verdict. If you are going on a light camping trip or working at a night event this will be great for you. For the cost, you won’t look back, However, if you are a hardcore camper or plan on doing rock climbing or even mountain biking I would give this one a miss.


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